Swimming pools in Spain

Swimming pools in Spain

строительство | 27 Май 2013

Welcome to Spain, here you will use the swimming pool more than the heating machine. The most brave people use the swimming pool during all the year, others close the swimming pool during winter and open it from March to October. In all cases people always have a great satisfaction after building a swimming pool at home.


In Euromarina we offer you the possibility of having your own swimming pool in your house.



Swimming pool Villa



For building a swimming pool we trust in the experience and the qualification of our professionals. After 40 years building we have learned a lot. Nowadays we are able to build swimming pools that 40 years ago we weren't able to think.



Swimming pool in Spain



Pools with charm that go beyond the traditional mosaic. We use materials that always look clean and shining. Surrounded by plants, our swimming pools take the magnetism of the Mediterranean Spanish style.



Spanish Swimming pool



We offer you an infinity of possibilities to make your pool a place for relaxing and enjoying. Come with your idea and we will give you a pool according to your style.


Please have a look at our virtual tour where you can have a fast look of how many swimming pools we have built in the last years.


If you want to visit us feel welcome in our office in Doña Pepa.


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