The Cliff Route

The Cliff Route

Экскурсии | 7 июл 2014

The Cliff Route is located in Benitatxell.  If you practise this route you can see amazing cliffs more than 100 meters high and wonderful views from the Mediterranean Sea. Also you can see caves that were built in the rocks and a great variety of vegetation.


The itinerary is from Moraig creek to Llebeig creek.



Cala del Moraig

 Moraig Creek. By



The caves on the rock were inhabited by fishermen and farmers. Also there are a bonfire area near of the caves. 



Cueva de la Ruta de Los Acantilados

 Coves. By



You can observe a great variety of vegetation as rosemary, lavender, honeysuckle, thyme, fan palm and esparto grass. Also there are pines, carob, fig and olive trees in the area.



Cova dels Arcs

 Arcs Cove, Moraig Creek. By



If you make this route you can enjoy a walk surrounded by spectacular rock walls.



Cala Llebeig

 Llebeig Creek. By



We suggest you to make this route in the afternoon on summer. If you make the route in the morning we recommend you that pass the day in the Llebeig creek and return in the evening.



Ruta de los AcantiladosCliff route. By


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