Molino del Agua Natural Park

Экскурсии | 11 Мар 2015

The Molino del Agua Natural Park is a protected nature area of Torrevieja with 17 hectares of land. It’s located in front La Mata beach. It’s an amazing landscape with a dune system. You can see embryonic, mobile, fossil, semi-fixed and fixed dunes. If you visit this lovely place you can take a walk surrounded by pines and dunes near the sea.



Paraje Natural del Molino del Agua

Molino del Agua Natural Park. By



The dune ecosystem is situated inside the park. This natural area is situated between Santa Pola Salt Lakes and Torrevieja Salt Lagoons Natural Park.



Molino del Agua Natural Park

Paraje Natural. Vía:



If you visit this park you can see snails, shells, curlews, larks, woodlark, lizards, voles, squirrels, shrews and bats.



Paraje Natural del Molino del Agua

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There are a great variety of forest species such as aleppo pine, gramineae, convolvulus, marram grass, sea holly, lotus corniculatus, sempervivum, crucianella marítima, ononis natrix, dianthus, sea daffodil and euphorbia peplus.



Molino del Agua Natural Park

Molino del Agua Natural Park. By



This natural reserve owes its name to the existence of an old watermill located in this area. Actually, you can see a replica of the old watermill in the park. There are an underground aquifer over 500 meters with water that supplied the city in the past.



Dunas Paraje Natural Torrevieja

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Come to the Molino del Agua Natural Park and enjoy it!





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